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Default Cpsm exam 2

Well, I just knew I failed this one, but somehow guessed well enough to pass with a 410!!! My thoughts mirror Exam 1. Although I really think I know how to play the game now. In the study guide, just know every term and everything about it, especially outside information other than the study guide. Definitions in the study guide don't give you enough information to apply to these questions. Additionally, the diagonistic kit exam, many of the explantions come from other sources than the guide.

Really need to know international transportation terms like FOB, duty paid/unpaid etc.. Also focus alot on Financial indicators.

I studied for this the same way I did the first one. Read the study guide, then took practice test. Then review the practice test, question by question, while reading each explantation in full. Then retook the exam.

Onto the last exam.. Hope I keep my luck streak going!!
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