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Wink CPSM Exam 1 thougths

My thoughts. The Exam itself was very hard in my opinion. I passed with an okay score, but as I took it, I thought that I had no chance. (apparently I am smarter or a better guesser than I thought.) 90% of the questions are long and take reading them twice, at minimum, to put yourself into the scenario.

I used the study guide and the diagnostic kit. I passed the diagnostic exam fairly easily, and will tell you in my opinion less than 10% of the material is the same as the actual Exam. That said, I would still recommend the diagonistic exam, because it will train you in the way the questions are written. The diagonostic exam will give you information to all 4 answers which is much better to study than just the study guide. The guide is a 20k foot view of each topic, then the Exam puts a philosophical SPIN to it. Additionally, you think you have enough time, but you don't. If you know the true definition of the terms you will do okay. The test doesn't ask you to define the term but says okay in this situation what would the term be, and even then which is Most or Least likely.

In most questions you can eliminate 2 of the 4 answers, giving you a 50/50 shot. So if your wondering what to buy to prep, I say both the Study Guide and Kit, but trust me the Exam information is totally different and only scrapes the surface of the Guide.
Hope this helps someone. Also, you get your score, right after the test is over on the screen so you know to be mad, sad, or glad right then. Keep your printed out score because you need it to send in for your application.
Masters programs aren't this difficult!!
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