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daynagirl 05-03-2013 11:07 AM

PenFed Promise Visa should make you go credit union
For low rates and no charges, the PenFed Promise Visa is ideal. This charge card beats just about anything out there. All you have to have is a tie to the U.S. armed forces. Source of article:
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PenFed Promise Visa info

A three-year opening Annual Percentage Rate of 7.49 percent is offered with the PenFed Promise Visa card. That is pretty good for most people, and it only goes up to 9.99 percent after three years. That is still a really low rate.

If you look at the terms and conditions of the PenFed Visa, you will find that there are really no charges at all. There are no annual fees, foreign transaction charges, balance transfer fees, late fees, or anything else like it. There is no penalty APR increase either, according to WiseBread. That is another good part of the card.

Given to the military

The requirement to get the PenFed Promise Visa is that you are a member the military or uniformed services and that you are a member of the PenFed Credit Union. Only one person in your household has to qualify. Joining a qualifying organization such as Voices for America’s Troops for $15 may also help you qualify for it.

Several things about the card

The really low introductory and standard interest rates on the PenFed Visa are really good. The Prime Rate can increase since it is a variable rate though, so keep that in mind. There are practically no fees, though you can get your account suspended if you frequently abuse that. PenFed is also very trusted and has been a credit union since 1935 with a ton of business.

There are some things that are not ideal about the PenFed Promise Visa card, in the interests of full disclosure. No rewards points are offered and promotional financing options are limited. Besides the membership needs, however, the only other real drawback is that the PenFed Promise Visa is a credit card, topic to all the potential dangers. Use it responsibly.



Voices for America's Troops


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