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CPSM Certification? Yes or no?

Posted 07-23-2013 at 04:06 PM by dominik.vonburg
Hey There,

One could really ask why and how I got to this, but obviously I thought it might be a good idea to certify as a professional supply manager, even though being based in Switzerland the british CPSM equivalent MCIPS might have seemed more logical...

Call it laziness, but as a consumer and an engineer, well, not an actual engineer, but i guess business process engineering counts, too... anyway, I like it simple and straight forward. A concept I was not able to find at CIPS. (Pls note, there is nothing bad to say about CIPS, and your experiences maybe completely opposite. If so please share.)

So here I am strolling through the ISM Forum tying to find useful tips, used study material and more than anything moral support from other professionals that have faced or are currently facing the same challenge.

My first problem already came up with the study material: The shipping fee to switzerland for a 20 pounds parcel actually exceeds the actual price of the books...Now I am thinking about getting a Kindle... Any other ideas?

So, thanks for any tips, feedback or comments regarding study plans, etc. as they are greatly appreciated. Let's see how long this will take me.

I'll try to keep this a bit updated to share my own experiences with CPSM, as future candidates may profit.

All the Best
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