View Full Version : Advice Needed: Purchasing Group Meeting Content

11-17-2009, 06:02 PM
I am putting together a quarterly meeting for my customers. Each meeting will be approximately 2 hours long. I pretty much know what I want for content but realize that all you professionals out there could help me make these meetings the best they can be. So, I'm looking for ideas and advice.

My question: If you had or have had the chance to engage your internal or external customers for regular meetings, what content would you want to have in those meetings that would benefit purchasing as well as the customers?

Keep in mind that the purpose of the meetings would be to engage and get buy in from users when presenting new offerings, suppliers, etc. by making them a part of what you are trying to provide them; to get their thoughts and ideas enabling you to better plan in the future and provide new offerings. Short sighted you might say? Then give me your ideas and thoughts.

Thank You in Advance