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07-23-2009, 07:47 PM
You've been challanged and need to make things happen...

You need to generate direct material savings and productivity to boost your company's revenues, while timely receiving quality made products at competitive costs and service.

Your Global Sourcing Strategy denotes 4 buckets: Asia/China/India, Mexico/Latin-America, Eastern Europe and of course, what makes sense to keep with your currrent suppliers.


* Are you considering Mexican sources to cut-down on costs?
* Are you sure Mexico is where you need to go (your best option)?
* Do you need to source from Mexico and don't know how and/or where to start?
* Are you having difficulties sourcing from Mexico?
* Has your company restricted or cut-down travel budget?
* Do you need help finding and identifying the right sources?
* Do you need help evaluating/auditing your identified sources?
* Do you need help developing and ramping up your newly identified sources?
* Is effective communication with your sources simply not there?
* Do you need a continuous strong presence before your supplier(s)?
* Do you simply need short or long term help in sourcing from Mexico?
* On top of everything, you need to come to Mexico and do not have the time or budget.

If any or all of the above apply to your case, send me note. You need a man on the ground and I can help you. It may sound like an unorthodox sourcing practice, but it's not. You need to make it happen - you need to save time and money, and this is how.

Hugo Villarreal

11-03-2009, 05:54 PM
How do you respond to American Businesses when they ask you to be more flexible and responsive to their supply needs? Any leading practices in this area?