View Full Version : Save cost going green...and supports ISO 14001

06-30-2009, 09:51 PM
Our goal is to deliver on the green promise and offer your organization, competitive pricing on chemical free cleaning products that work as good or better then what you currently use today. We offer industrial strength cleaning products for commercial applications that are safe, effective, all-natural enzyme cleaners. Our automated process assures seamless tractions in ordering. I can supply the required Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and ship 55 gallon drums, 275 gallons totes, gallon containers, and standard 32 ounce bottles for use in and around your company. My team and I will work with you to develop a plan that fits any size company, locations, and, if applicable, work with your outsourced cleaning company to provide these products in your facility. Contact Paul at 734-776-3412, Kristyn at 734-776-0983 or email us at enjoylivinggreen@yahoo.com