View Full Version : Identification of Carrier Transit Time

01-28-2012, 08:35 PM
Greetings collegues,
I need some clarification. We instruct our suppliers on specific LTL freight carriers to use for our inbound raw materials. For example, PO states "Ship Via CCX, Freight Collect".

Who is responsible for identifying the transit time for this carrier from our supplier's plant to our manufacturing location? Supplier is arguing that this is my carrier and therefor I am responsible for telling them the transit time for using this carrier.

I am arguing that they (the supplier) are responsible for arranging the transportation to meet my PO due date and using the carrier that I've specified, and therefore they are responsible for knowing the transit time and for shipping accordingly.

Our T's and C's don't specify this. Does the UCC?

01-30-2012, 02:43 PM
This happened to me once. We needed a product in a hurry. I had the product flown in but it sat at the airport and we had to arrange for our own shipment from the airport to our doorstep. I called the vendor and complained and said when we wanted this rushed in, this means at our door step as we are paying for the freight and service, especially for rushed shipments.

I would check the quote to see how they quoted freight. If they quoted how they shipped, you are hooped. If they didn't specify, you didn't have agreement in the shipping terms of the contract/PO and you should have some leverage.

Freight T&C's are always confusing to me. I would have it added to your T&C, who is responsible for the freight going forward.