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01-04-2012, 11:42 PM
I am looking for some RFx templates. Does anyone have some that they can share; or, does anyone know of any websites that offer them for free? No sense in recreating the wheel if someone has some out there that are tried and true. :-)

Kenneth Hall
01-10-2012, 04:54 PM
Good afternoon,

I found a few. This article:


has an accompanying template. It's pretty rudimentary, but covers the basics.

This one:


is more detailed, but appears to be more special-purpose. You'll want to be very judicious about how you use it. Its general-purpose value appears to lie in the headings (helps identify and organize the required content).

There's also this one:


Very simple, but should provide some guidance. Hope this is helpful.


Kenneth Hall
01-10-2012, 04:59 PM
...found one more that might be of use:


Most of the other things I found were templates for sale (you might find those useful, though: typical prices run $5-15). KH