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07-12-2011, 08:20 AM
I am a French student and I have been studying 9 months in the USA this year. I got to know this website with my Purchasing and Supply Management class teacher.

I would really appreciate your help please. It won't take much time to answer me and it will help me a lot.

For my Master program I am doing a brief report (20 pages simple space).
The first part of this paper must focus on my academic path, and how it brought me to. study purchasing. The second part of this paper is dedicated to the job I want to do: which one, describe it, how its activities evolve, what development in the function can we expect etc. To structure this research I have chosen the following problematic : The influence of the maturity of a purchasing department on the different jobs of the department.

Along the documentary research I did, I need to have some experts point of view. This is why I post that in this forum. I would be really grateful if you could give your point of view for the following questions. It won't take much time to answer and it will help me a lot.

I really need replies asap in order to finish my paper in time please.

1/ With what elements can we measure the maturity of a purchasing department ? The separation between sourcing and purchasing function could it be a good indicator ? What else ?

2/ How do you classify the different jobs in a purchasing department ?

3/ Is it necessary to have a diploma in the technical field to become a purchaser in the industry ?

4/ What evolution do you see for the purchasing function ?

5/ What is the first quality a good purchaser must have ?

6/ According to your experience, this job is more a girl job or a man job ?

7/ If you had one advice for a student who would like to become an international purchaser, what would it be ?

Thank you.

Best regards