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03-01-2011, 02:59 PM
Good Morning,

utmb Health is trying to obtain some benchmarking data on bidding limits for both public and private organizations.

For example our limits are:
$5,000 spot purchase
$5,000 to $25,000 informal bids required
$25,000+ formal bids required

Please help me with providing your current bid limits. I would appreciate knowing if you are a public/private university or a company.

Thank you,
Karen Gross
Manager, Supplier Diversity Programs

08-12-2011, 08:56 PM
We are a private company and our bid limits are

Up to $25K-Spot Purchase
$25-$100K-Informal Bids
$100K- Formal Bid


Summer Bartholomew

11-22-2011, 11:48 PM
WE are a non-profit organization in the Utility sector. Our bid limits are as follow:

< $50K - only 1 quote is required
> $50K but < $100K - 3 quotes are required and the Business Area Owner may administer the bid process.
>$100K - at least 3 quotes and Procurement must administer the bid process.

Hope this helps.

11-30-2011, 10:39 AM
We are a private company and our global bid limits are

Up to EUR 2K -Spot Purchase
EUR 2K -EUR 50 K-Informal Bids
EUR 50 K- Formal Bid