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Anne Carty
08-24-2010, 11:38 AM
I have just been asked to set up a Procurement Dept from scratch and I would appreciate if any person from a clinical/pharma company could share with me their own corporate procurement plan/manual/processes.

09-29-2010, 09:20 PM

I think what would help you get started is to define what is currently purchased by the company.
This will help you classify the activities of the procurement dpt.
You can have, for example, only repetitive purchases of very specific items.
In this case, your dpt. can be one person in charge of contract negotiation and management and one person in charge of PO release.
You can be in a company that buys equally important volumes of office supplies, packaging supplies and high tech items, for example. In this case your dpt. should have one specialized buyer for each category.

This is step one.

Then, once defined the purchasing categories and the functional sections of your dpt, your have to come up with a policy.

It shoud be built on the 3 following points :

1: How will we define our needs to potential vendors
2: What should be our decision criteria to select vendors
3: Exception management (the "what if"s...)

Finally, don't forget to set-up KPIs, such as : savings compared to past prices paid, average delay for an RFQ to be managed, supply base (you should have an optimal number of vendors and alternatives per material category)...

I hope this is helpful.