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Credentials Discussion Forum: Money = Recert for CPSM
Moderator: Robert Lankford, Views: 775
Posted: 01-07-2014 09:17 PM
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I have been a CPSM since 2008. Already have recertified one time, and as I come up on another anniversary, I question the following policies:
1. ISM only credits 7 points for taking the Apics CSCP exam, when every test of the CPSM is worth 20.
2. Even though a CPSM has already certified, one of the fastest ways to get the CEH is to take the tests over again?. This just sounds stupid.
3. One of the easiest ways to get one CEH is to attend the monthly dinner meeting of local affiliates...This would mean attending 20 dinner meetings per year.
4. During the one year ¨grace period¨, after the expiration date, once you get the CEH necessary, usually through attending a couple of very expensive conferences or seminars, ISM will backdate your CPSM Certificate. This is although during the grace period a member is not technically a CPSM. This just seems another way to speed up the clock, and also seems as then the member only has two years remaining to obtain 60 CEH.

Based on these policies, I am seriously considering letting the CPSM lapse.

I would appreciate your comments.
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