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Credentials Discussion Forum: C.P.M. Certification
Moderator: William Walker, Views: 995
Posted: 10-15-2013 05:27 PM
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Why has the C.P.M. certification been discontinued? Is the CSPM replacing it or is it a totally different designation?
Melanie Larimer  ISM Certifications  10/18/2013   5:34 pm

10-18-2013 5:34 pm Subject: ISM Certifications Top #1
Melanie Larimer

Hello William,


The C.P.M. was transitioned into recertification status, as its focus was purchasing. As the profession expanded to include other functions of supply management, we introduced the CPSM. Current C.P.M.s continue to recerify and maintain their certificaitons, as the C.P.M. and CPSM are both recognized within the profession.



Melanie Larimer
Senior Associate