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Credentials Discussion Forum: Lifetime C.P.M Extension
Moderator: Debra Bergmeier, Views: 946
Posted: 03-05-2013 10:51 AM
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My hospital was purchased by a large Mission Based System. I have spent nearly all of my energy the past two years on transitions and now find myself nearly out of time to apply for my Lifetime C.P.M. Does the 1 year grace period also cover this designation? I also got married 2 years ago and will have a name change on the certification, I will need guidance to document that process. I will add up my CEU's and see what I need to complete this as soon as possible. Do I need to fill out any forms to document the delay? Thanks, deb
Dina Giovale  Lifetime C.P.M Extension  03/13/2013   5:11 pm

03-13-2013 5:11 pm Subject: Lifetime C.P.M Extension Top #1
Dina Giovale

Please contact ISM Certification team at


Dina Giovale