Supply Management Role Key to Business Success

FOR RELEASE: August 29, 2005

Contact: Jean McHale
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(TEMPE, Ariz.) Aug. 29, 2005 — Because of the important impact of supply management on business results, the top supply management professional should be recognized as a key source of input and included in the overall business strategy development.

"Purchasing is still at the core of supply management," states Paul Novak, C.P.M., chief executive officer of Institute for Supply Management™(ISM). "However, new and evolving roles are being called for to meet the need for a more strategic approach, ensuring the flow of goods and services the business needs to succeed in the increasingly competitive business environment."

In that more strategic role, the top supply management professional must be in a position to identify new opportunities and seek supply options at an early stage in the process in order to most effectively impact the strategic development of a product or service and have the greatest ultimate impact on the bottomline as a result of strategic relationships and cost-saving materials and methods.

Traditional organizations focus on increasing revenue. Strategic organizations realize there are many ways the supply management function can reduce cost and develop supplier relationships to impact the bottom line.

In his study Supply Management: An Analysis of the Expansion of the Purchasing Field into New Value-Added Roles in Organizations, Joseph L. Cavinato, Ph.D., C.P.M., states "Supply involves many processes . . . it involves a scan of all organizations and processes in the chain from original creation of products and services through to the organization obtaining and/or using them and all the way out to the customer eventually acquiring and consuming them. This involves analyzing steps and flows, handlings, movements, transactions, costs, and information. Some organizations attain 20 percent to 30 percent cost takeout of the business by placing attention to this area."

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