The National Association of Purchasing Management Introduces Two New Ways to Keep Organizations on the Cutting Edge

FOR RELEASE: March 9, 2000

  Zenobia Daruwalla
  NAPM Media Relations
  480/752-6276 ext. 3015

(Tempe, Arizona) — As purchasing and supply management professionals continue to make an impact on the bottomline for their organizations, their need for trendsetting, timely information is crucial to their organizations’ success.

The National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM) has developed two new resources to guide those in the purchasing and supply management field.

The Purchasing Handbook (6th Edition) is a new and revised reference guide that answers everyday questions for purchasing and supply professionals in any size organization and is ideal for those seeking an essential guide to purchasing and supply management. The Purchasing Handbook also covers today’s hot topics such as e-commerce, strategic alliances, and global procurement.

The book was edited by key leaders in the supply management field: Dr. Joseph L. Cavinato, senior vice president and NAPM distinguished professor of supply chain management for NAPM; and Dr. Ralph G. Kauffman, co-chair of NAPM’s Business Survey Committee, and assistant professor of management and coordinator of the Purchasing and Materials Management Program at the University of Houston-Downtown. Both Cavinato and Kauffman have developed supply management programs and have worked in the purchasing arena for several decades.

For professionals who are looking for cutting-edge articles and references related to supply chain management, NAPM has developed The Purchasing & Supply Yearbook. It provides professionals with an anthology of current articles on managing a supply chain in today’s business environment. It also includes a reference section that lists journals and other periodicals, a bibliography of current publications, an online directory, and other resources and references as tools for remaining current with the latest trends in the industry.

The Purchasing Handbook (6th Edition) is available to NAPM members for $72 and to nonmembers for $99. The Purchasing & Supply Yearbook is $65 for members and $89 for nonmembers. Both can be purchased through NAPM’s Customer Service Department at 800/888-6276 or 480/752-6276, extension 401.

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