Supply Chain Management: What's On the Horizon?

FOR RELEASE: June 8, 1999

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(Tempe, Arizona) — In the June 1999 issue of Purchasing Today®, the article, "Building a Customer-Centered Supply Chain," features organizations that are moving to a more customer-focused supply chain.

The Trane Company, which specializes in heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and building management systems, and Harley-Davidson Motor Company are profiled as organizations that are making their customers drive their supply chain management (SCM) efforts. Both rely on specific information gathered from the last link of the supply chain, the final customer. Leroy Zimdars, C.P.M., director of supply chain management for Harley-Davidson, states, "A big value for the Harley lover is paint and chrome. This is another major example of why we link with our customers, to find out their requirements on chrome-plated parts. We'll take new part samples to a rally and actually ask customer opinions. This information is gathered, calibrated into quality expectations, and moved right back into the value chain."

According to many experts, SCM is an evolving technique with many trends on the horizon. Some of the trends listed in the article include:

  • Smaller organizations will lean on the leading supply chain organizations to support their efforts.
  • Within the next two to three years, the United States will see more organizations actually implementing full-scale supply chain models.
  • Strategic purchasing competency centers will be established for the sole purpose of studying the supply chain and recognizing opportunities for improvement.

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