Purchasing Today® Magazine's Strategies & Solutions For March, 1999

FOR RELEASE: March 12, 1999

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(Tempe, Arizona) — In the recent re-design of Purchasing Today® magazine, one of the editorial changes includes, "Strategies & Solutions." Every month this section provides readers with concrete answers to the purchasing and supply function's responsibilities. In the March 1999 issue, Strategies & Solutions takes a look at cost-cutting ideas.

  • The following are examples of obtaining ideas from internal users:
    Sales and marketing: Often overlooked, the sales and marketing department has its finger on the pulse of the end user market. Potential areas of opportunity include product application, specifications, product design, and price.
    Production associates: Responsible for changing raw material to finished goods, production associates can close in on process, cycle time, leadtime, and product standardization ideas.
    Computer and software: Establish a consolidated and centralized procurement with your organization's information and technology department.
    Research and development: Review the preferred supplier list and seek feedback on supplier components from the research department.
    Customer service: Ascertain that the organization is working on the right product/service stream.

  • To identify strategic cost reduction opportunities, purchasing and supply can follow these suggestions:
    Conduct periodical brainstorming sessions
    Focus on supplier relationships and partnering, not just price
    Include key internal users when suppliers tour your organization
    Ask for internal users to discuss problems, issues, and concerns
    Involve internal customers in annual supplier evaluations
    Develop qualitative surveys and a supplier rating system

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