NAPM Interactive CD-ROM Wins Silver Medal

FOR RELEASE: July 21, 1998

Contact: Zenobia Daruwalla
NAPM, Media Relations
Tempe, Arizona
602/752-6276 ext. 3015

(Tempe, Arizona) Supplier Cost Analysis, an interactive learning tool developed for the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM) Advanced Technologies Center (NAPM-ATC) has been awarded a Silver Medal from Brandon Hall Resources' 1998 Multimedia & Internet Training Awards.

NAPM-ATC staff co-developed their premiere program with Learning-Edge, Inc., a multimedia production organization. This leading edge, hybrid-multimedia program features a virtual purchasing management environment. The CD-ROM administers a performance-driven, experiential learning program linking to live Web sites as purchasing and supply professionals analyze potential suppliers. Simulation-based instructional design provides learners with three types of supplier cost analyses to complete by reviewing reference manuals and live Web connections, videoconferencing with suppliers, and corresponding by e-mail with suppliers and internal staff members.

The purpose of the Training Awards program is to recognize the best multimedia and Web-based programs, showcase exceptional instructional design, provide benchmarking for program developers, and advance the technology-based training industry. The panel of judges was comprised of instructional designers, multimedia training professionals, and Internet experts. Preston Zuckerman, president and owner of Learning-Edge, Inc., says the award is a great accomplishment. "Those recognized are usually top companies and leaders in the field. For us, it is a recognition that sets us apart as a premier provider in the industry."

The NAPM-ATC is also releasing Competitive Price Analysis. This is the second module in the Cost/Price Analysis Techniques Program co-developed with Learning-Edge, Inc. Some of the highlights of the program include: defining the goals of the procurement and price analysis process, identifying the conditions and factors for pricing items and services, selecting a cost analysis to determine the reasonableness of a price, factors for performing a price analysis, and determining the types of functions of common price indexes and parametric measures. Learners complete case studies using typical scenarios while performing common price analysis calculations.

The new Competitive Price Analysis CD-ROM will be available August 1, 1998. To order this, or other NAPM-ATC products, call NAPM Customer Service at 800/888-6276, extension 401.

The National Association of Purchasing Management is a not-for-profit association that provides national and international leadership in purchasing and supply management research and education. NAPM provides its more than 44,000 members in its 180 affiliated associations with opportunities to expand their professional skills and knowledge.

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