Outsourcing/Offshoring Is "Hot Topic" of Select Workshops at ISM 90th Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit

FOR RELEASE: December 21, 2004

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TEMPE, Ariz., December 21, 2004 — More than 2,000 supply management professionals will gather in San Antonio, May 8-11 for the 2005 Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) 90th Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit. The Conference will feature general sessions on topics in the areas of financial analysis, supplier relationships, contract management, strategic leadership and business ethics.

"Start Your Legacy in 2005" Conference workshops are organized in five distinct learning tracks that represent main areas of supply management and general career development. A portion of the more than 100 workshops are identified as "Hot Topics" and cover Outsourcing/Offshoring, Project Management, Risk and Social Responsibility. "Hot Topics" workshops addressing Outsourcing/Offshoring include:

Low-Cost Country Strategic Sourcing
R. David Nelson, C.P.M., A.P.P., vice president, global supply management, Delphi Corporation, and Lori A. Sisk, C.P.M., A.P.P., supply chain strategist, Delphi Corporation, will provide a proven step-by-step global strategic sourcing process. Tools and templates will be provided that will drive the decision-making process to source from a low-cost country as well as identify the risks associated with that decision.

Sourcing and Contracting Services: Challenges and Opportunities
Michael G. Patton, senior vice president operations, center of excellence, Prosero, examines the challenges and opportunities that exist to develop an effective sourcing and supplier management program for all third-party service providers. Sourcing and contracting for services traditionally is managed by departments outside purchasing and represents a great opportunity for immediate short- and long-term improvement.

Four Critical Trends in Supply and Logistics Management
Four trends are redefining supply management activities: risk management, technology enhancement, outsourcing and sustainability. Supply managers are increasingly concerned with virus and hacker risks to e-commerce. Similarly, offshore suppliers increase logistical and political risks. Cost increases and supply problems accelerate consumption of nonrenewable resources. This extended session emphasizes the impact of these trends and offers methods for more effectively coping with them. Presented by Lee A. Buddress, Ph.D., C.P.M., associate professor of supply and logistics, Portland State University; Alan R. Raedels, Ph.D., C.P.M., emeritus professor of supply and logistics, Portland State University; and Michael E. Smith, Ph.D., assistant professor of management and international business, Western Carolina University.

Outsourcing: Solution or Setback?
Companies that make outsourcing a core competency can effectively develop relationships, successfully manage functions and continually reap the full benefits. Presented by James A. Tompkins, Ph.D., president and chief executive officer, Tompkins Associates.

Procurement Offshore Outsourcing
Be prepared for the changing landscape of the supply management profession. Charlie P. Villasenor, MBA, president and chief executive officer, TransProcure Corporation, discusses how procurement operations are shifting overseas just as human resources, finance, accounting, customer service/call centers are already in place offshore. Discover trends and best practices from multinational and mid-sized corporations.

Global Sourcing Operations: How and Why?
Strong worldwide forces make it impossible for an organization to sustain a policy ignoring global resources. Like it or not, we all work in a one-world economy. Supply managers must know why, how and when along with the processes to create and utilize good sources in a global supply chain. Presented by Mark Thompson, C.P.M., global commodity leader, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a DuPont Company, and Robert A. Kemp, Ph.D., C.P.M., president, Kemp Enterprises, Inc.

Global Outsourcing of Knowledge-Based Services: Strategy and Relationships
Knowledge-based services involve buying intangible, high knowledge content services. Learn to shape top management strategy on this vital issue. Additionally, learn how to manage global outsourcing transitions and supplier relationships for organizational innovation. Presented by Subroto Roy, Ph.D., assistant professor, University of New Haven, and K. Sivakumar, Ph.D., Arthur Tauck professor of international marketing and logistics, Lehigh University.

For complete Annual Conference information, visit www.ism.ws. Early registration ends March 3, 2005. Media credentials to attend the 90th Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit may be obtained in advance by contacting ISM Public Relations. To obtain a complimentary media pass, contact Jean McHale at 800/888-6276 or 480/752-6276, extension 3143, or e-mail jmchale@ism.ws.

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