The National Association of Purchasing Management Repositions Itself as The Institute for Supply Management™ Effective January 1, 2002

FOR RELEASE: December 10, 2001

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NAPM is changing to Institute for Supply Management

(Tempe, AZ) — Today, the world’s business environment is rapidly changing. Organizations are striving to succeed by identifying accelerated and different means that will give them a competitive advantage. In this environment, "purchasing" has become less descriptive of what purchasing professionals are actually doing. Increasingly, these professionals are becoming more and more responsible for a supply of goods and services necessary to meet an organization’s strategic objective. Today, and for the future, strategic and innovative supply management is what will ensure the success of an organization.

In recognition of the increasing strategic and global significance of supply management, the membership of the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM) voted in May 2001, to change the association’s name to Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) effective January 1, 2002.

Supply management is a long-term business trend for organizations seeking to succeed. Consequently, NAPM repositioned itself in order to meet the needs of and help lead purchasing and supply management professionals in the 21st century. By doing so, NAPM cast itself into a broader context and is assisting in broadening the strategic view of supply management, while being inclusive of purchasing.

"The change in the name of NAPM is far more than just a name change. The change to Institute for Supply Management™ represents our recognition that our members are doing more and more non-traditional activities that play an increasing role in implementing the strategic success of their companies and organizations. We believe that the changing responsibilities open new opportunities for our members to be recognized for their contributions. We also recognize that their association is going to step up our educational offerings to help support the needs of these professionals as they advance their careers," states ISM’s CEO, Paul Novak, C.P.M., A.P.P.

Senior management expects today’s supply management departments to acquire new skills, undertake new strategies, and act in new ways that align with and reinforce those of the overall organization. ISM’s senior vice president, Joseph Cavinato, Ph.d, C.P.M has described some of the characteristics necessary for today’s supply management departments to succeed. He says, "departments must be future-oriented, they must be of importance to senior management, they must be strategic in relation to the competitive imperatives of the organization, and they must be able to identify what will provide value and uniqueness to the organization’s offerings in the marketplace."

"Purchasing managers have always occupied a key spot in business and industry, but the ‘New Economy’ has now thrust supply management into the center of economic activity.  Institute for Supply Management™ reflects the dynamics of this fundamental shift. Business success today requires greater efficiency and improved quality from raw material to customer products and services. ISM is wise to recognize the essential nature of the change," explains Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist, Griffin, Kubik, Stephens, & Thompson, Inc.

ISM will continue to be recognized as a center of excellence that establishes, builds, and maintains world class professional standards of competency and conduct for supply management. Because supply management is recognized as a profession that is integral to the operation of world class organizations, ISM will educate, develop, and advance the supply management profession through its programs and products. As a global institute, ISM is serving the broadest spectrum of supply management.

For additional information on the value and benefits of the Institute for Supply Management ™, please visit ISM’s Web site at ( after January 1, 2002), or contact the customer service department at 800/888-6276, or 480/752-6276, extension 401.

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