Limitless Supply Management Careers Are Detailed in Revised Educational Guide

FOR RELEASE: October 21, 2004

CONTACT: Jean McHale
  ISM Public Relations
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Institute for Supply Management™ Updates Career Planning Resource

TEMPE, Ariz., October 21, 2004 — A popular career guide from the Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) has been revised and is now available with the most up-to-date information. Golden Opportunities: Your Future in Supply Management is designed to familiarize anyone considering a business career with the ever-expanding opportunities in supply management. Individuals who are formulating their career paths can learn about the abundant options and rewards that supply management provides.

This comprehensive guide gives a thorough description of the profession, salary averages, educational requirements/recommendations, and a list of educational institutions across the country that offer courses, certificates, bachelor's degrees, graduate degrees and distance learning opportunities in the field of supply management.

Golden Opportunities: Your Future in Supply Management also describes invaluable resources that can help you succeed in a career in supply management, such as ISM membership and the benefits that members enjoy. Full-time students can become members of ISM on the national level at no charge.

A PDF version of Golden Opportunities: Your Future in Supply Management is available on ISM's Web site at Select Career Center, More Career Resources, and then Careers in Supply Management. Or enter QS129 in the Quick Search field located on all ISM Web pages. Limited quantities of the printed guides are available for use at career fairs. For more information, contact Dave Schultz at 800/888-6276, extension 3109.

As the oldest and largest supply management institute in the world, the mission of the Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) is to lead supply management. By executing and extending its mission through education, research, standards of excellence, influence building and information dissemination - including the renowned monthly ISM Report On Business® - ISM continues to extend the global impact of supply management. ISM's membership base includes more than 40,000 supply management professionals in 75 countries. Supply management professionals are responsible for trillions of dollars in the purchases of products and services annually. ISM is a member of the International Federation of Purchasing and Materials Management (IFPMM).

ISM defines supply management as the identification, acquisition, access, positioning and management of resources the organization needs or potentially needs in the attainment of its strategic objectives. Further, supply management is: future-oriented, senior-management critical, strategic in relation to the competitive imperatives of the organization, and a significant contributor to marketplace intelligence and profitability. Components included under the supply management umbrella are: disposition/investment, distribution, inventory control, logistics, manufacturing, materials management, packaging, procurement/purchasing, product/service development, quality, receiving, transportation/traffic/shipping and warehousing.

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