The Performance Bar Continues to Rise — Integrated Supply Chain Management Touted the Better Way

FOR RELEASE: August 27, 2001

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(Tempe, AZ) — Today's marketplace is more fiercely competitive than ever before. Yet, the performance bar continues to rise while new managerial practices and unique business models emerge and fade. As highlighted in a new CAPS Research study, Achieving World-Class Supply Chain Alignment: Benefits, Barriers, and Bridges, the day is rapidly approaching when organizations will no longer compete against other organizations, but supply chains will compete against other supply chains for market supremacy.

This study examines the supply chain phenomenon and the driving forces behind enhanced collaboration while evaluating the benefits and barriers to supply chain management integration. "The integrated supply chain concept is relatively new," report authors Stanley E. Fawcett, Department of Management, Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University, and Gregory M. Magnam, Albers School of Management, Seattle University, "but it is predicted that companies will choose sides and form cohesive teams that will compete across borders in the quest to increase productivity and capture global market share."

Achieving World-Class Supply Chain Alignment: Benefits, Barriers, and Bridges presents a process model for supply chain integration along with a best-practices benchmarking diagnostic. Insight to help guide supply managers and their organizations to understand the concept of true cross-functional process integration, or supply chain management, is highlighted in this study. Supply chain management definitions, characteristics, and themes are thoroughly developed and discussed.

Leading-edge supply management professionals around the world will use this study to look beyond their organizations' current practices to evaluate objectives to integrate resources across organizational boundaries to achieve supply chain management success.

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The National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM), established in 1915, is the world's leading educator of supply management professionals, and is a valuable resource for decision makers in major markets, government, and industry. Effective January 1, 2002, NAPM will become the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) in recognition of the mounting strategic and global significance of supply chain management.

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