Strategic Cost Management in the Supply Chain: A Purchasing and Supply Management Perspective

FOR RELEASE: August 26, 2002

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(Tempe, AZ) - Nearly everyone in business today would agree that cost management is important. Cost management continues to increase in importance as the economy slows and sales decline. In CAPS Research's newest study, "Strategic Cost Management in the Supply Chain: A Purchasing and Supply Management Perspective," written by Lisa M. Ellram, Ph.D., C.P.M., C.M.A., professor of supply management, Bebbling professor of business, Arizona State University, examines not only the best practices purchasing and supply management (PSM) uses to manage cost, but how PSM interfaces with others inside and outside of an organization in delivering savings.

While PSM spends more money than any single group, and is held to a high level of accountability for spending, there has been limited literature explicitly linking strategic cost management with supply chain management in general, and with the role of supply management in particular.

This study identifies and studies a number of best practice organizations across several industries; explores both upstream and downstream strategic cost management issues and practices; synthesizes these best practices; and develops a prescriptive model for world class cost management in the supply chain.

Review this study and discover what John Deer & Company, Chip, LCP, Tele, and Praxair, all large Fortune 500 companies with sales ranging from $5 billion to nearly $50 billion, determined to be their most strategic cost management practices. Some highlights of this study include the review of both strategic and tactical aspects of PSM, the actual processes in which cross-functional teams engage to support strategic cost management, and tools that are used in those processes.

To receive a copy of this study, contact CAPS Research at 800/888-2277 or 480/752-2277, or visit the CAPS Research Web site at CAPS Research is a global, independent research organization whose mission is to provide leading-edge research to support strategic purchasing and supply management. CAPS Research is affiliated with the Institute for Supply Management™ and Arizona State University College of Business.

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