ISM's Knowledge Series: A Valuable Resource for any Supply Management Professional

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(Tempe, AZ) — The Institute for Supply Management™'s (ISM) Knowledge Series is a valuable resource for any supply management professional, and an excellent base for an organizational library. Each book in the series is a vital tool for supply management professionals and those preparing for the C.P.M. or A.P.P. exams.

Books currently available in this series include:

The Supply Management Process - Volume 1Alan R. Raedels
The Supply Management Process centers on the fundamentals of the purchasing and supply field. This text reviews the critical elements of the requisition process, cost analysis and management, sourcing and supplier evaluation, the competitive bidding process, legal issues, and sample contract terms and conditions. Each chapter concludes with a summary of key points as well as review questions. This volume is a must for those seeking knowledge of the building blocks of the supply management process.

The Supply Management Environment - Volume IIStanley E. Fawcett
The Supply Management Environment focuses on the strategic importance of purchasing and the effect today's rapidly changing environment has on the profession. The impact of globalization and time compression, e-business, and resource planning systems are the trends transforming purchasing strategy. This text is a vital resource for supply management professionals at every level, and addresses some of today's most critical issues.

Supply Management for Value Enhancement - Volume IIILisa M. Ellram and Thomas Y. Choi
This volume brings emphasis to the variety of ways the supply management process adds value to the organization. This text covers all aspects of value enhancement, well beyond basic cost-saving measures. Supply Management for Value Enhancement focuses on the critical issues involved with outsourcing/privatization, inventory management, cost avoidance/cost reduction programs, forecasting, hazardous materials management, JIT inventory systems, lease-buy and net present value analysis, and how to develop strategies based on long- and short-term market forecasts.

The Supply Management Leadership Process - Volume IVAnna E. Flynn and Samuel D. Farney
Solid management and visionary leadership are critical to the success of purchasing. The Supply Management Leadership Process underscores the importance of strategic planning, applying key theories of motivation, major issues in selection, recruitment, retention, and continuing education of purchasing personnel. A must for current or emerging leaders in the supply management field. Each chapter includes a summary of key points and review questions.

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