ISM Offers Study Material and Self-Study Courses for Accredited Purchasing Practitioner Certification

FOR RELEASE: August 16, 2002

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(Tempe, AZ) — The Institute for Supply Management™'s (ISM) Accredited Purchasing Practitioner (A.P.P.) certification is for entry-level professionals primarily engaged in the operational side of the supply function and for those involved in purchasing and supply support activities and supply teams.

Those earning the A.P.P designation will review a wide variety of subjects and as a result, will have a better understanding of the profession. Individuals with A.P.P. certification prove to management that they have the skills and ability to find solutions, apply lessons learned, and approach challenges with confidence and insight.

ISM has developed study materials, online courses, and self-study courses designed to prepare an individual to successfully master the A.P.P. exam. A.P.P. study material, online courses, and self-study courses that are currently available are:

Study Materials:

  • Articles for A.P.P. Exam Preparation
  • A.P.P. Exam Specifications and Instructor's Guide
  • A.P.P. Study Guide
  • A.P.P. Diagnostic Practice Exam, Print Version Volume 1
  • A.P.P. Diagnostic Practice Exam on Disk
  • A.P.P. Bibliographic Reference Key
  • Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms
  • Exam Preparation and Review Video Course

A.P.P. Online Review Courses:

  • A.P.P. Online Review Course #1 — Purchasing Process (Module 1)
  • A.P.P. Online Review Course #2 — Supply Environment (Module 2)

A.P.P. Self-Study Courses

  • Module 1: Purchasing Process
    1. Identifying Requirements
    2. Preparation of Solicitations
    3. Supplier Analysis
    4. Contract Execution, Implementation, and Administration
  • Module 2: Supply Environment
    1. Negotiations
    2. Information Technology
    3. Quality Issues
    4. Internal Relationships
    5. External Relationships

To find out more about what an A.P.P. designation can do for you, contact ISM's Customer Service Department at 800/888-6276, extension 401, or visit the ISM Web site at

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