Supply Management Executives in Unique Position to Influence All Areas of Business

FOR RELEASE: July 7, 2003

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(Tempe, AZ) — During these uncertain economic times organizations are forced to dramatically change how they do business in order to remain competitive. Company leaders are being asked to discover innovative ways to impact cost and drive revenues. Never before have supply management executives been in such a unique position to influence so many different areas of business. During the Institute for Supply Management™ Executive Program, Supply Management as the CFO of the Supply Chain, participants will learn strategies and tools to take their organization to the next level of competition.

This innovative program, taking place August 13-15, 2003, at the Scottsdale Conference Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, is one in a series of "evolving-edge" supply practice programs presented by ISM's Center for Strategic Leadership (CSSL), and is designed for executives seeking new ways to drive down costs and influence change across an organization. This interactive program captures the best practices from those gaining price and cost advantage by understanding and attacking unnecessary assets, activities, processes, materials, and services extending from suppliers and their suppliers all the way through the organization and supply chain. By taking this financial view to strategic supply management, one can go far beyond what is possible from conventional price negotiations.

The objectives of this program include the core areas of strategic supply strength including:

  • Expanded price negotiations that explore areas that reduce expenditures, assets, processes, and time resulting in deeper price advantage
  • Insights into how costs and assets can be reduced or more efficiently used
  • Leveraging the relative advantages of organizations and suppliers
  • Using the cost takeout as an issue to extend supply's reach throughout the micro and macro environment
  • Taking a leadership role to improve business by leveraging financial elements in supply
  • Exploring areas where cost savings has the greatest potential and longest sustainability
  • Identifying and reducing the financial risk of the organization through supply

Over the years, supply management has emerged as one of the bright spots within the corporate world. The success achieved by supply managers has given the profession the visibility and reach to extend beyond conventional organizational boundaries and make positive impacts on the bottomline. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to influence your organization in a dramatic and dynamic way.

Due to the intense nature of this researched-based program, the target audience is senior supply professionals. Those who seek broader cost and price takeout over the supply base as well as within their organization will benefit greatly from this program.

To register for this leading-edge program, or to receive additional information, contact ISM's Customer Service Department at 800/888-6276 or 480/752-6276, extension 401. Visit ISM's Web site, to register online and receive a complete description of this program.

The Center for Strategic Supply Leadership (CSSL) helps organizations build strategic competencies for today and the future. CSSL is a researched-based executive education and development body within the Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) devoted to building strategic supply competencies and capabilities within firms and organizations.

CSSL's research stream seeks how firms are facing and strengthening competitiveness and applying this through their supply capabilities. The focus is on purchasing and supply needs as seen from the outside and above the field within the overall organization.

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