Stay Ahead of the Competition and Realize the Value-Add in Professional Development through ISM's August Educational Seminars

FOR RELEASE: July 1, 2002

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(Tempe, AZ) — Staying ahead of the competition is often a challenging task, while at the same time professional development and increasing value in an organization's bottomline is always a goal. Accomplish both by attending one of the seminars offered in August 2002 offered by the Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM).

Leading and Managing Supply Relationships
August 12-13, 2002; Las Vegas, NV; #4501

This course includes tools and skills for use in supplier selection, management, and performance improvement. Geared toward the experienced supply management professional.

Power Negotiations I: Planning, Strategy, and Process
August 13-14, 2002; San Diego, CA; #4494

Conduct successful negotiations and develop a solid foundation for negotiating by completing this course.

Achieving Value-Add through Supply Alliances
August 14-15, 2002; Las Vegas, NV; #4493

Learn to understand the scope, structure, and dynamics of strategic relationships. Discover how to maintain effective relationships that add value to your organization.

Power Negotiations II: Unlock Your Powers of Persuasion
August 15-16, 2002; San Diego, CA; #4502

Designed for experienced purchasing and supply management professionals, this course will build and improve your negotiation skills and techniques critical in the competitive marketplace.

Purchasing and the Law (2-Day)
August 19-20, 2002; Nashville, TN; #4503

New and experienced supply management professionals seeking to gain a broad understanding of legal concepts, especially contract law and the UCC, will find this course valuable in day-to-day business.

Advanced Contract Writing for Purchasing and Supply Management
August 22-23, 2002; Las Vegas, NV; #4504

Go beyond the basic skills necessary to draft a contract. Increase your skills and knowledge of how to analyze and draft various types of contracts with this course.

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