ISM Names Doctoral Grant and Fellowship Recipients

FOR RELEASE: May 23, 2002

CONTACT: Kristen Kioa
  ISM Media Relations
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(Tempe, AZ) Each year the Institute for Supply Management™ awards doctoral dissertation grants and research fellowships for support of outstanding doctoral research. The intent is to award grants to doctoral and research fellowship candidates who are conducting research in supply management or related fields.

The objectives of these grants are (1) to produce useful research that can be applied to supply management, and (2) to help develop high-potential academicians who will teach and conduct research in supply management.

The following doctoral candidates were awarded ISM Doctoral Dissertation Grants for the year 2002:

Dawn H. Pearcy, Florida State University. "A Model of Reverse Auction Implementation in Electronic Procurement." ($10,000). Now that there is some track experience in reverse auctions, this research promises to empirically test the impact of a number of factors on reverse auctions including type of purchase and the firm's corporate and electronic purchasing strategies. It will also investigate purchase price, purchaser productivity, and supplier cooperation.

S. C. Antony Paulraj, Cleveland State University. "Towards a Unified Theory of Supply Chain Management: Critical Constructs and Their Effect on Performance." $5,000. This research focuses on the examination of the components of effective supply chains using three structured models for supply management and impacts on supplier and buyer performance in light of uncertainties.

Gwendolyn Whitfield, Western Michigan University. "Firm Effectiveness and the Embedding of Culture: Comparative Case Studies of Supplier Diversity." ($5.000). This is an in-depth case study into the cultural aspects of supplier diversity initiatives with emphasis on resource commitment, deliberate development of internal and external communication systems, and comprehensive areas as workforce programs, strategic plans, and community involvement.

Marcos Primo, Arizona State University. "Customer Evaluation of Recoveries in the Business-to-Business Environment." ($5.000). The research question is, "What is the impact of supply failures and recoveries on buying firms' satisfaction?" This study promises to push the boundaries of customer service and supplier performance measures.

Senior Research Fellowships

The senior research fellowship is designed to assist proven faculty who are at the early stages of their career in leveraging into new areas of career research in purchasing and supply. The following individual was awarded an ISM Senior Research Fellowship for the year 2002:

Paul D. Larson, Ph.D. Iowa State University. "Relational vs. Portal Approaches to Managing the Logistics Triad." ($5,000). The proposal seeks to look into the third element, or triad, with the logistics provider as well. Too, there is a fourth party used with portals that facilitates order processing and information linkages between all parties.

ISM has supported doctoral dissertations and research fellowships through its grant and research program since the first doctoral dissertation in 1960. Six are currently active within the three-year completion deadline required by the terms of the grant award. With the 2002 awards, this brings 132 active and completed dissertations by ISM in support of doctoral research over 42 years. An announcement of the 2003 dissertation grant application request will be made in mid-fall. Deadline for completed applications for dissertations is January 31 of each year, and April 1 of each year for research fellowships.

The ISM Grant Program seeks qualified applicants from a diverse population regardless of gender, race, creed, age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or disability. For more information on this program, including eligibility requirements and application procedures, log on to the ISM Web site at and select Online Guides, Tools & Links; then Scholastic Opportunities; and then ISM Doctoral Dissertation Grant Program.