The Institute for Supply Management™ Announces the 2002 Person of the Year and Affiliate of Excellence Awards

FOR RELEASE: May 20, 2003

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(Tempe, AZ) — The Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) is proud to announce the 2002 Person of the Year Awards recognizing excellence in Education, Innovation/Creativity, Leadership, Marketing/Communication, and Volunteerism.

Education/Learning Person of the Year — F. Michael Babineaux C.P.M., A.P.P., NAPM—Memphis, is a senior business specialist for Fed EX. Babineaux has made significant contributions for advancing educational and training opportunities for NAPM—Memphis throughout his 10 year period as director of professional development. He has made continuous improvements in his affiliate's seminars, has endlessly promoted the C.P.M. and A.P.P. certifications, and has taught numerous educational sessions in addition to writing a monthly column geared for supply management professionals.

Innovation/Creativity Person of the Year — Mary Ellen Kilbride, NAPM—Gulf Coast, purchasing and property services manager for Bay Care, is honored for exhibiting an innovative approach to updating her affiliate's membership and dues system. She was also instrumental in the formation of her affiliate's new Web site, and created a new member packet. Based largely on Kilbride's effort, NAPM—Gulf Coast saw their membership increase by 42%, and affiliate meetings increase to over 100 participants a month. She has integrated her leadership qualities with her creativeness to help her affiliate succeed.

Leadership Person of the Year — Jim Haining, C.P.M., A.P.P., NAPM—Southern Nevada, is a corporate agreement manager for Sprint. Haining has been a visionary for the advancement of NAPM—Southern Nevada (SN) and the profession for many years. Under Haining's leadership, NAPM—SN has completely changed its strategic direction and financial stability. NAPM—SN has seen revenues, educational opportunities, membership, and attendance at events increase while successfully decreasing membership dues because of Haining's effort. Jim is considered a catalyst for looking for new methods to increase membership participation, services, seminars and cost-savings initiatives.

Marketing/Communication Person of the Year — Dimitrios (Jim) Marinakis, C.P.M., NAPM—Kansas City, senior negotiator for Aquila. Marinakis has made the most effective use of marketing and communication tools for the advancement of NAPM—Kansas City. He has developed community relationships that have aided in the development of a student membership program with a local university, and has initiated television and print advertising opportunities for affiliate events. Marinakis shows a superior ability and willingness to work positively and effectively with other professional organizations to promote NAPM—Kansas City and the profession.

Volunteer Person of the Year — Lois DeHaan, C.P.M., A.P.P., NAPM—Greater Grand Rapids, is a program manager for Steelcase. DeHaan most exemplifies the spirit of ISM and the supply management profession by her continuous contributions to the profession and her affiliate, NAPM—Greater Grand Rapids. DeHaan has been instrumental in forming a task force of affiliate board members brought together to assist struggling NAPM affiliates in Michigan. Annually, she develops and participates in numerous fundraising events, creates presentations for summer workshops, and counsels new members on educational opportunities and professional development.

The Institute for Supply Management™ congratulates these individuals for their hard work, dedication, and excellence.

The Institute for Supply Management™, is the world's leading educator of supply management professionals and is a valuable resource for decision makers in major markets, companies, and government.

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