The Institute for Supply Management™ Presents Affiliate of the Year Honors to NAPM—Kansas City, Inc.

FOR RELEASE: May 20, 2003

CONTACT: Kristen Kioa
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(Tempe, AZ) — The Institute of Supply Management™ (ISM) presented to NAPM—Kansas City, Inc. the highest distinction of Affiliate of the Year at the ISM 88th Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit in Nashville on May 20, 2003.

The Affiliate of the Year Award was established to recognize the affiliate that has best demonstrated an awareness and distinction in their professional operations and educational offerings, and ability to recruit, train, and retain members while communicating the value and prestige of the Institute for Supply Management™.

NAPM—Kansas City, Inc. was chosen winner of this prestigious award based on its accomplishments in affiliate growth, membership offerings, and contribution to supply management professionals in the Kansas City area. "Winning this award was no small feat," explains NAPM—Kansas City, Inc. president Steve Sherman. "The road to winning this award started as a continuing improvement process long ago. Continuous efforts to upgrade programs based on member surveys were implemented. Our membership as a whole has worked hard to improve retention rates and acquire new members. Additionally, we took into consideration what was happening in today's economy and offered a special membership to members who have been unemployed for six months or more." Sherman continues, "The redesign of the NAPM—Kansas City, Inc. Web site continues to provide current pertinent information, while allowing our membership to respond to its leaders with feedback online. These real-time results allow us to better serve our membership."

NAPM—Kansas City, Inc. is currently working to better market its affiliate by becoming involved with other professional organizations and setting up student programs at local colleges and universities, and has recently appointed a director of diversity affairs. "We are very proud of all new programs and policies NAPM—Kansas City, Inc. has established over the past year. Community involvement and spreading awareness of the profession are key goals of ours," states Sherman. "I also think it is very important to mention that the achievement of winning the Affiliate of the Year Award can only be done through a concerted effort by all the Board Members both past and present," concludes Sherman.

Additionally, ISM takes great pride in honoring the following 15 affiliates with the Affiliate Excellence Award:

NAPM—Columbus President, Barbara Shepard, C.P.M.
NAPM—Denver President, Stephen Robles, C.P.M.
NAPM—Fingerlakes Region President, Debra Mason, C.P.M., A.P.P.
NAPM—Greater New Orleans President, Mark Molaison, C.P.M.
NAPM—Kansas City President, Stephen Shaerman
NAPM—Los Angeles President, David French, C.P.M.
NAPM—Milwaukee President, David Heerey, C.P.M
National Purchasing Institute President, Mike Ryan
NAPM—Orange County President, George Nagy, C.P.M.
NAPM—Oregon President, Gary Steinmeyer
NAPM—Pittsburg President, James Patterson, C.P.M., A.P.P.
NAPM—San Fernando Valley President, James Lewis, C.P.M.
NAPM—Seven Counties President, Dolores Avezzano
NAPM—Southern Nevada President, Jim Haining, C.P.M., A.P.P.
NAPM—Twin Cities President, Amy O'Toole, C.P.M.

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