The Institute for Supply Management™ and Canada Continue to Strengthen Ties

FOR RELEASE: April 22, 2002

CONTACT: Kristen Kioa
  ISM Media Relations
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(Tempe, Arizona) — The Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) continues to strengthen ties and broaden the influence of its professional certification within the supply management field.

The power of world-class professionalism and professional designation advanced as the Institute for Supply Management™'s board of directors approved a proposal offering Canadian supply managers, who have already earned their Certified Professional Purchaser (C.P.P.) designation, the opportunity to gain ISM's highly respected Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) designation. The proposal, passed in January 2002, states that ISM will issue C.P.P.s the C.P.M. designation without having to take and pass the exam portion of the C.P.M. requirements for a period of two years. A study completed by Dr. Eugene Muller, ISM psychometric consultant, determined that the C.P.M. and the C.P.P. are equivalent in both coverage and difficulty. Paul Novak, CEO, ISM, states "The C.P.P. program requires a set course of study, a thesis, and written as well as oral exams. The C.P.P. is a quality program that includes performance measures, just different ones from ours. The two designations compliment each other very nicely."

To qualify, current C.P.P.s must submit a completed C.P.M. Original or Original Lifetime application, available at, by January 31, 2004. After January 31, 2004, applicants will be required to meet all C.P.M. requirements, including taking and passing all four modules of the exam.

The Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) designation, introduced in 1974, is the most recognized designation worldwide for professionals in supply management. A C.P.M. represents the broadest body of knowledge in the dynamic and critical field of supply management. Professional organizations and enterprises around the world are adopting the C.P.M., with its rigorous testing and lifelong learning requirements, as the standard of achievement and excellence for the profession.

The C.P.M. designation is internationally recognized as the sign of the professional supply manager. To date, more than 38,000 individuals have gained certification both nationally and abroad. The program provides the opportunity to develop professional competence in supply management and is rapidly gaining recognition worldwide. The program is designed for individuals working in any economic sector: private, public, or not-for-profit.

For additional information on the conversion from the C.P.P. to C.P.M. designation, please contact ISM's Certification Department at 800/888-6276 or 480/752-6276, extension 3023, or by e-mail at Please visit the ISM Web site at for additional certification information.

The Institute for Supply Management™, established in 1915, is the world's leading educator of supply management professionals and is a valuable resource for decision makers in major markets, companies, and government. In May 2001 the membership of NAPM voted to change the association's name from the National Association of Purchasing Management to the Institute for Supply Management™ to reflect the increasing strategic and global significance of supply management. For further information, see the ISM Web site at

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