Defining and Determining the "Services Spend" in Today's Services Economy

FOR RELEASE: April 10, 2002

CONTACT: D. Steven Wade
  Director of Benchmarking, CAPS Research
  480/752-6276 ext. 3060
A look at how the art of purchasing has evolved from a goods-based economy to one dominated by services

(Tempe, Arizona) — CAPS Research, (the Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies), plans to offer a new study that defines and details the total purchase spend for services. The study will focus on services purchasing in today's economy and will provide a closer look at how organizations define their services spend as well as how much is being spent on those services. This is the first time CAPS Research has benchmarked services spend since 1995, when Harold E. Fearon, Ph.D., C.P.M., and William A. Bales, C.P.M., co-authored the groundbreaking study entitled, "Purchasing of Nontraditional Goods and Services."

PeopleSoft, Inc. is sponsoring the study, which will be of significant value to businesses and research organizations alike in that it will provide an in-depth look at what services are being purchased, who is responsible for purchasing services, and how the services are being purchased. D. Steven Wade, director of benchmarking, CAPS Research, states, "CAPS Research wants to know more about factors that continue to influence spend. This benchmarking study will be the baseline for periodic updates that will address a broad variety of purchasing topics."

The survey will be released to participating organizations in mid-April. CAPS Research anticipates providing initial observations and findings in July. Every participant will have an opportunity to view the results and discuss the study's outcomes with CAPS Research staff members.

Organizations that would like to participate in this study can contact CAPS Research at and provide your name, company, e-mail address, telephone number, and indicate who will be the point of contact for the study. There is no cost to participate in this study, and the names and contact information of participating organizations will remain confidential.

CAPS Research is affiliated with Arizona State University and the Institute for Supply Management™ (formerly the National Association of Purchasing Management). CAPS Research was founded to help organizations achieve competitive advantage by providing them with leading-edge research to support the evolution of strategic purchasing and supply management. CAPS Research can be contacted at 480/752-2277 or at

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