Sessions Head Offerings at ISM 87th Annual International Supply Management Conference

FOR RELEASE: March 26, 2002

CONTACT: Kristen Kioa
  ISM Media Relations
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(Tempe, Arizona) — Saying you are a leader in the field or on the cutting edge of business doesn’t mean a thing unless you have the skills and abilities to back it up. In these days of fierce employment competition, nothing is more important than advanced education and additional training and learning.

At the Institute for Supply Management™’s (ISM) (formerly NAPM) 87th Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit, thousands of supply management professionals will make a personal investment and attend ISM’s most leading and cutting-edge sessions available in the supply management industry.

The "cream of the crop" is what these sessions are known as, and includes courses from five different learning tracks: (1) Supply Management: A Strategic Approach, (2) Making the Most of Supplier Relationships, (3) Tools for the Effective Supply Manager, (4) Making Sense of the E-Commerce Revolution, and (5) Professional Growth: The Key to Your Future.

Session highlights include "The Role of Procurement and Supply Management in Business Strategy." This leading-edge session outlines the principles of business strategy and operational performance improvement and explains why procurement and supply management are the most important competencies in business. Experienced supply management leaders will gather for "Supply Chain Management for Non-Manufacturing Organizations" to address supply chain management issues as they relate to non-manufacturing organizations. "Cost Reduction Strategies in Difficult Times" is a timely topic in today’s economy that covers proven cost reduction techniques that have actually worked in businesses of all size and industry.

In addition to the above sessions, CAPS Research and McKinsey & Company will be presenting a special session this year that focuses on their research and results of the Internet’s ability to generate collaborative commerce. "The Value Proposition of Industry-Sponsored Consortia and Private Exchanges" will convey the results and in-depth investigation on the value of partial or total involvement in an ISC versus partial or total build-out of a PTX. Hear what executives from major ISCs and PTXs, buyers, suppliers, and investors determined to be the three key factors driving the participation decision.

CAPS Research will also be presenting "Benchmarking in an E-Procurement Environment." Jointly developed with Ariba, Inc., this highly automated benchmarking research program ensures that participants gain insight into the constraints and challenges of e-procurement, and aids in finding solutions to them.

The mentioned sessions, as well as over 100 others, are often offered more than once during the Conference because of the importance and popularity of the sessions. Please check the Annual Conference brochure for dates and times for all sessions.

For more information, or to register for ISM’s 87th Annual International Supply Management Conference, contact ISM Customer Service at 800/888-6276 or 480/752-6276, extension 401. Media seeking a complimentary press pass to these exciting sessions, the Conference, and more should contact Kristen Kioa at, or at 800/888-6276 or 480/752-6276, extension 3015.

The Institute for Supply Management™, formerly the National Association of Purchasing Management, is the world’s leading educator of supply management professionals, and is a valuable resource for decision makers in major markets, government, and industry. The Institute for Supply Management™ was established in recognition of the mounting strategic and global significance of supply management.

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