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ISM 2002 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign Winners Announced

FOR RELEASE: March 5, 2003

CONTACT: Kristen Kioa
  ISM Media Relations
  800/888-6276 ext. 3015

(Tempe, AZ) — In 2002, 157 ISM members took part in the Member-Get-A-Member Campaign recruiting 389 new members. One individual member and three affiliates received honors for their outstanding contribution to ISM, its membership, and the profession:

Mark Kantor, from Alpharetta, GA, is the individual recruitment champion. Mark recruited 37 new members during the course of the campaign. As a result, ISM will be providing him a complimentary registration to this year's ISM Annual Conference in Nashville.

NAPM—Greater Lafayette won the affiliate portion with a 35 percent increase in membership.

ISM also has a drawing each year in which affiliates that raise their membership by 15 percent or more are eligible. In 2002, 14 affiliates qualified for the drawing:

  • NAPM—Alabama, Inc.
  • NAPM—Central Kentucky, Inc.
  • NAPM—Chattahoochee Valley, Inc.
  • NAPM—Chattanooga, Inc.
  • NAPM—Corpus Christi, Inc.
  • NAPM—Florida Gulf Coast, Inc.
  • NAPM—Four Corners, Inc.
  • NAPM—Greater Lafayette, Inc.
  • NAPM—Inland Empire, Inc.
  • NAPM—Lehigh Valley, Inc.
  • NAPM—Rio Grande Valley, Inc.
  • NAPM—Tenneva, Inc.
  • NAPM—Texas Panhandle, Inc.
  • NAPM—Twin Tiers, Inc.

NAPM—Twin Tiers, Inc. and NAPM—Central Kentucky, Inc. were the lucky drawing winners. All three affiliates win a free, two-day ISM seminar of their choice.

The 2003 campaign, "Dive In!" is already underway, giving members a chance to win ISM lapel pins, coffee mugs, valuable coupons, and more. Details can be found at www.ism.ws/MembersOnly/MGMMain.cfm.

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