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FOR RELEASE: March 4, 2003

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(Tempe, AZ) — The Institute for Supply Management™'s (ISM) 88th Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit, May 18-21, 2003, in Nashville promises to reinforce your skills, teach best practices, and highlight new trends in supply management. The five distinct learning tracks offer over 100 concurrent workshops that allow attendees to focus on what needs to be done to succeed. Pick a single track that's right for your needs or mix and match between tracks to get an overview of the entire supply arena.

The five tracks offered at ISM's 88th Annual Conference include Supply Management: A Strategic Perspective; Managing and Coordinating Supplier Relationships; Tools for the Effective Supply Manager; Professional Growth: The Key to Your Future; and Leading Practices with Proven Results. Session highlights from each track include:

Achieving World-Class Supply Management: As Easy as A, B, C (session CA)
Peter E. O'Reilly, C.P.M., A.P.P., DPS, associate vice president, AMERIGROUP
This presentation discusses strategic initiatives for achieving world-class supply management as well implementation methods.

How to Develop Global Supply Chains: A Step-by Step Guide (session DB)
Ralph G. Kauffman, Ph.D., C.P.M., associate professor, University of Houston and Thomas A. Crimi, MBA, C.P.M., MAPA, supply chain team coordinator, Chevron Texaco, Inc.
The focus of this session is the key role of information systems as enablers of supply chain integration.

They're never satisfied: Taking Cost Reduction to the Next Level (session EA)
Marilyn Gettinger, MBA, C.P.M., consultant and trainer, New Directions Consulting Group
Are you beginning to run out of ideas? This session provides the latest ideas in reducing costs including streamlining activities.

What Comes After Reverse Auctions? Sustainable Cost Reduction via Enterprise Supply Management (session EB)
Peter E. O'Reilly, C.P.M., A.P.P., DPS, associate vice president, AMERIGROUP and Eberhard E. Scheuing, Ph.D., C.P.M., A.P.P., ISM professor of purchasing and supply leadership emeritus, St. John's University
A panel of experts will discuss the roles that tools and processes play in enterprise supply management.

The Supply Management Fitness Review: On the Road to World-Class (session FB)
Robi H. Bendorf M.Ed., C.P.M., president, Bendorf & Associates
This session is designed to identify best practices in supply management and allows participants to determine where they are now and the direction in which they need to go for future success.

Determining Total Supply Chain Costs (session GA)
Mary Lu Harding, C.P.M., CPIM, CIRM, principal, Harding & Associates
This session specifically addresses the costs of inventory, time, processes, and policies, and how to use this information to drive out costs and improve supplier relationships.

Is Your Procurement Strategic? Building the Bridge from Tactical to Strategic (session HB)
Ernest G. Gabbard, C.P.M., CPCM, director, strategic sourcing, Allegheny Technologies
The presenter will review and summarize the key components of a strategic supply chain program and provide a process to build a transition plan for an organization to move from tactical to strategic procurement and supply chain management.

How to Enhance Your Reputation as a Supply Manager (session EC)
Liz S. Simpson, author, speaker, and workshop facilitator, Heartwork and Nick Little, MCIPS, assistant director, executive development programs, Michigan State University
The concepts presented in this workshop focus around interactive exercises that illustrate ways to boost success rates with others, and are supported by practical supply management examples from real-world experiences.

Composing Your Symphony: Developing Business Plans for Senior Management and Cross-functional Teams (session CD)
Kevin J. Williams, C.P.M., manager, account development, American Express Corporate Services
Learn how to use management support to communicate project plans to cross-functional teams and to address challenges raised by various opponents during this session.

E-Reverse Auctions: A CAPS Research Focus Study (session CI)
Stewart L. Beall, C.P.M., director of executive projects, CAPS Research
Uncover the initial findings from a recent and ongoing project examining electronic reverse auctions (eRAs).

Supply Management's Role in the Organization's Financial Health (session DE)
Tim P. Underhill, president, Underhill & Associates
This session evaluates several purchasing decisions and calculates the impact that supply management decisions can have on an organization's financial health.

Making Better Decisions (session DG)
Preston J. Leavitt, Ph.D., JD, C.P.M.
Success reflects your ability to make sound decisions, and this workshop offers strategies to increase your success rate.

How to Structure, Develop, and Present a Stand-Out Business Case (session EF)
Thomas A. Crimi, MBA, C.P.M., MAPA, supply chain team coordinator, Chevron Texaco, Inc. and Ralph G. Kauffman, Ph.D., C.P.M., associate professor, University of Houston
This workshop explains an integrated approach to structuring, developing, and presenting a strong business case.

Peak Performance Framework for Supply Chain Professionals (session EG)
Andrea Charman, MCIPD, senior learning consultant, Department of Education and Skills, UK
Discover a high-speed, reduced-stress, brainpower solution to the overwhelming challenge of achieving success in today's transformational workplace.

Ethics: Who's in Charge? You, or the Organization? (session EJ)
Sponsored by the ISM Ethical Standards Committee.
Carl R. Liles, C.P.M., A.P.P., director, customer relationship management, Western Farmers Electric Co-op, chair, ISM Ethical Standards Committee and Cynthia A. Trainer, C.P.M., purchasing analyst, City of Tacoma, member, ISM Ethical Standards Committee.
Attend this workshop and participate in a lively discussion while hearing what others have to say about ethics ownership, perceived impropriety, and supplier relationships.

Hot Topics Impacting Government Subcontracting and Supply Chain Management (session FE)
Charles E. Rumbaugh, JD, CPCM, private attorney and ADR Neutral, ADR Office of Charles Rumbaugh
This session provides an overview and analysis of recently promulgated U.S. government regulations aimed at making better su-contracts, and provides a forum for the interchange of novel concepts impacting government subcontracts.

E-Sourcing for the Services Industry (session FF)
Larry C. Giunipero, Ph.D., C.P.M., A.P.P., professor, Florida State University and Sam Gadodia, executive vice president, Global eProcure
Highlights of this session include how to develop e-sourcing strategies, select the right e-sourcing provider, develop and implement e-sourcing business processes, and handle change management and supplier relationship issues in the services industry.

Benchmarking with CAPS Research: Effectively Measuring Your Purchasing Performance (session FJ)
Sponsored by CAPS Research.
D. Steven Wade, director of Research/Benchmarking, CAPS Research and Craig Carter, Ph.D., assistant professor of international supply chain management, The Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
CAPS benchmarking research looks at various topics, including how organizations control their purchasing spend for services, and why it could be important to measure your e-procurement activity in today's digital economy.

To attend any of these sessions, or any of the 100 others offered at the ISM 88th Annual Conference, register online at www.ism.ws. For additional Conference information, contact ISM's Customer Service Department at 800/888-6276 or 480/752-6276, extension 401.

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