eProcurement Euphoria is Over, but Net buying Rolls On

FOR RELEASE: January 7, 2002

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(Tempe, AZ) — "eProcurement euphoria is over, but net buying rolls on," states Bruce Temkin, group director, North America Research and Advisory, Forrester Research, at the Institute for Supply Management's™ (ISM) Supply Management 360° Conference. Temkin kicked off the conference, held November 28-30, 2001 in Phoenix, AZ, with a "very informative and up-to-date" keynote presentation on ROI of Online Buying: Fact, Fiction, and Best Practices. Temkin also predicted "eProcurement renovators will master collaboration and internal process changes and that the X internet will supplant the web." He also addressed trends and issues in e-procurement deployment and integration, supply chain collaboration, online reverse auctions, and more.

As purchasing and supply management professionals from around the nation gathered, anticipation of hearing the future of online buying, eProcurement, and effective supplier relationships grew, attendees' needs were quickly met with outstanding keynote presentations by not only Temkin, but Christopher Mahoney and Craig Brown as well.

Mahoney, senior vice president of global transportation services, UPS, discussed two of the most critical components to managing supplier relationships. He stated, "the key to economic recovery is the rationalization of the supply chain." The focus of his presentation was the supply chain's ability to help organizations compete in speed, cost, and customer service advantages. Mahoney stated, "to achieve these benefits, organizations must be able to connect and collaborate with suppliers, partners, and customers under an umbrella of great trust."

The closing keynote offered insight into merging an e-commerce framework with a strategic plan. Craig C. Brown, director, Materials Strategic Programs Operations, Intel Corporation, "vividly and thoroughly" discussed creating and deploying a global E-business strategy. Brown stated, "eBusiness is driving value across three primary areas: revenue growth, cost reduction/avoidance, and market image. It is most important to determine what your eBusiness motivators are." He concluded by stating how important it was to "establish where to invest for maximum value, engage with trading partners that use industry standards, and to define, reward, and train for desired behavioral changes."

ISM 360° Conference A Success

In addition to the exceptional keynotes and education sessions, ISM Supply Management 360° Conference participants had the opportunity to develop market analysis and forecasting skills, learned how to build stronger supplier relationships, and acquired fundamentals necessary to succeed in integrating e-commerce. Attendees succeeded in discovering new ways to leverage existing technological platforms and processes, determined ways to increase ROI through other value-add propositions, and found ways to strengthen their contribution to their organization and its bottomline.

For more information on the ISM Supply Management 360° Conference, and to receive a copy of the handouts provided by presenters, please visit ISM's Web site at www.ism.ws and select Conferences and Programs. Please note that the June Conference this year will be held June 10-11, 2002 in Philadelphia, PA at the Loews Hotel.

The Institute for Supply Management™, established in 1915, is the world's leading educator of supply management professionals and is a valuable resource for decision makers in major markets, companies, and government. In May 2001 the membership of NAPM voted to change the association's name from the National Association of Purchasing Management to the Institute for Supply Management™ to reflect the increasing strategic and global significance of supply management. For further information, see the ISM Web site at www.ism.ws.

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