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ISM Social Responsibility Program Development Process Flow Continued

Part Three: Developing A Plan

Step 4 Continued: Action Plan

Obtain Executive Sponsorship to Execute Plan

Obtain Executive Sponsorship to Execute Plan

  • Now that you've done your homework and put together an action plan, it's time for you to present that plan to the executive sponsors.
  • Define and gain approval for required resources to complete the program requirements (people, time, systems, other budget).
  • If sponsors do not approve your action plan, go back and revisit the business case you presented, modify your plan as required and represent to the executive sponsors.
  • The important thing to remember here is to just get started! You may not get approval for everything you want to do, and in that case, do what you can to get the program going.

Sponsorship Obtained?

Has Sponsorship Been Obtained?

  • If sponsorship is obtained, continue on to Take Actions as Described in Plan.
  • If sponsorship is not obtained, then adjust or reinforce plan based on Executive Feedback. Return to Business Case for Justification Support.

Step 5: Performance

Take Actions as Described in Plan

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