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ISM Social Responsibility Program Development Process Flow Continued

Part Two: Establishing Goals

Step 3 Continued: Measurement

Select Success Measurements from Benchmark Performer
Establish Goals and Objectives Based on Benchmark Targets

Establish Goals and Objectives Based on Benchmark Targets

  • Get input from stakeholders as to goals, including input from suppliers and customers.
  • Establish a communications plan for the goals and measures, including schedule of when to review with executive sponsorship.
  • Keep goals realistic.
  • Validate goals and measures with executive sponsorships for buy-in and acceptance.

Step 4: Action Plan

Develop Action Plan to Achieve Goals

Develop Action Plan to Achieve Goals

  • Recommend using formal project management tools.
  • Define tasks with timelines (establish milestones, process and how to measure results).
  • Define required resources and costs.
  • Identify appropriate team members and ensure participation on team, including subject matter experts (compliance/ethics, legal, finance, quality, audit, EHS, manufacturing, supply chain, etc).
  • Get supplier input into action plan.
  • Engage with industry groups or other organizations to develop action plan.
  • If dealing with regulatory programs, ensure understanding of requirements and reporting.
  • Develop communication plan:
    • Internal communications for affected groups, train on process and roll-out plan.
    • External communications, including communications for rollout to suppliers and training. Communications with customers on how you plan to meet their requirements.
  • Define what success will look like for project completion.
  • Continue to clarify business case and expected ROI or business value.

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