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ISM Social Responsibility Case Diagram Model

Corporate Culture
  • Credible as a Corporate Citizen
  • Retention of Employees
  • Support of Local Community
Compelling Events
  • Boycott of Business
  • Lawsuit
  • Loss of Employees
  • Loss of Existing Business
  • Loss of Investors
  • Lost Opportunity to Bid on New Business
  • Negative Attention of Advocacy Groups
  • Negative Press Coverage
  • Negative Public Relations Event
  • Regulatory Penalty
Business Opportunities
  • Become Favored Supplier
  • Enable Recruitment of New Investors
  • Enhance Brand Image
  • Enhance Revenue
  • Improve Business Operations (better quality, increased efficiencies, etc.)
  • Improve Suppliers
  • Lower Total Cost of Operations
  • Recruit and Retain Customers
  • Recruit and Retain Employees
  • Retain Shareholders
Personal Beliefs
  • Align with Corporate Values
  • Retention of Employees

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