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The Business Case for a Social Responsibility Initiative

Commitment to socially responsible behavior is good business — in both the public and private sectors. Often payback can be quantified in financial terms. Socially responsible behavior may even ensure that an enterprise will avoid difficult or embarrassing scrutiny.

Business leaders, including supply management professionals, are dealing with an environment that is more complex and demanding than at any time in the past. Some may see a solid commitment to social responsibility "as just one more layer of complexity." It is not.

The ISM Committee on Sustainability and Social Responsibility has created several business case documents designed to help an enterprise work through the process for establishing a social responsibility program. You may find the following documents useful as you work to develop or enhance a social responsibility program where you work.

"A Call to Action: Developing a Social Responsibility Business Case" spells out why the principles of social responsibility are important and provides a template for organizations to develop a business case for social responsibility.

ISM Social Responsibility Case Diagram Model provides a summary list of the reasons for making the business case for a social responsibility program. The four pillars address:

  1. Corporate Culture
  2. Compelling Events
  3. Business Opportunities
  4. Personal Beliefs

Social Responsibility Program Development Process enables you to work through a series of steps to build the case for a program. It includes two tools to support your social responsibility planning efforts:

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