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About the Awards for Excellence Entry Categories

Awards are given to supply management departments within organizations that demonstrate leadership and innovation in supply management in at least one category: Process, Transformation of the Organization, People, Technology or Sustainability. Although entries may address more than one category, entrants must select a primary category.

The following descriptions are to illustrate the types of initiatives that an application might address. Entries are not restricted to these examples.

Category 1: Process

Submissions relate to leadership and innovation in transforming a supply-related process, such as sourcing or supplier relationships, strategic cost management, quality, inventory, transportation project management and others in ways that are new and performance-enhancing for the field. Examples include: improving cash flow and the financial supply chain; innovative improvements of cost-competitiveness; the supplier performance management process; measuring and validating cost savings, reductions and avoidance; inventory and asset management; social responsibility and environmental sustainability; and integrating suppliers into the new product/service development or customer order fulfillment processes.

Category 2: Transformation of the Organization

Submissions relate to supply management leading a substantial transformation to the structure and/or organization of the supply roles, processes and function. Results of the successful change are significant, and demonstrate an entrepreneurial effort by the supply organization. The transformation must demonstrate new and different ways the supply function operates within an organization as well as successful hallmarks for the field of supply management. Examples include: implementing a game-changing way to run supply management within an organization; a transition to a new, innovative structure and reporting relationships for global coordination with business unit integration; and development of a team-based approach for a specific activity such as new product/service development, strategic sourcing, a change in reporting lines and/or the status of the chief procurement officer.

Category 3: People

Submissions relate to an innovation in attracting, retaining, developing or managing human capital to make substantial improvements in supply's contribution to organizational success in ways that are innovative for the field. Examples include: management development programs for supply; knowledge management initiatives; hiring and retention programs; skills and knowledge acquisition and enhancement programs; and training a global workforce to foster social responsibility.

Category 4: Technology

Submissions relate to an innovation where technology was the key driver and source of substantial contribution to organizational success that is new to the field of supply management. Examples include: technology applications to open innovation; online tools for purchasing-category strategy execution; online buyer-supplier collaboration; new product or service development; global supply communications; and decision-making.

Category 5: Sustainability

Submissions relate to leadership and innovation in implementing an organization's sustainability program. (Sustainability is defined as the ability to meet current needs without hindering the ability to meet the needs of future generations in terms of economic, environmental and social challenges). In its broadest sense, sustainability includes principles of social responsibility. Examples include: Supply management's role, both internally and externally across practices, products, services and business philosophies; developing measurements and results-reporting capabilities and action plans; and implementing continuity contingency plans to manage natural disasters, terrorist actions and the like.

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