Institute for Supply Management® — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply Management

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About the Awards for Excellence

An annual competition for supply management departments to highlight their innovation, leadership and best supply management practices.

Awards for Excellence Categories

Applications may be submitted in one of five categories.

What to include in your submission

An executive summary of no more than two pages that includes, in this order:

  • Brief description of your organization.
  • A clear description of the reason/rationale behind the project/initiative strategy.
  • How the project/initiative meets date range parameters of October 1, 2011 through August 22, 2014.
  • Impact of the project/initiative on your organization (for example, what was your solution, what was the effect across the business, how did you become more competitive and so on).
  • How your solution exhibited leadership and innovation.
  • Results and how they were validated and quantified (for example, real-world performance data including milestones, baseline metrics and results or the percentage or magnitude of the results).
  • Plans for sustaining the initiative.

Submit application in Microsoft Word using a minimum 10 pt. text size.

Supporting documentation that explains the scope, impact and execution of the initiative following the general order of the executive summary. Validation of results from internal business partners, external customers or suppliers is encouraged. Please do not submit confidential or proprietary materials. Results may be stated in order of magnitude rather than actual figures.

Supporting documentation cannot exceed six pages. These documents may be in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF format.

Total application length, excluding the application form and cover page, may not exceed eight pages total.

Applications will only be accepted through the ISM website.

Past Awards for Excellence Winners

See submissions from past winners.

Application for Awards for Excellence

Complete the application and pay the application fee to apply for the Awards for Excellence.

Submission Deadline

August 22, 2014, Midnight MST

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