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ISM certifications are globally relevant and demonstrate that you have current skills in strategic supply management.

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CPSM® Instructor Kit - Exam 1

CPSM Instructor Kit - Exam 1 - CD

CPSM® Instructor Kit is a series of CDs that include customizable PowerPoint slides for each exam with embedded summarized CPSM® Study Guide content by task, knowledge checks from the current CPSM® Courseware, and a summary and review highlighting key points by task. Also included are worksheets for task review exercises, case studies from the current CPSM® Courseware to reinforce learning and a participant answer key with Q&A and discussion notes to the knowledge checks and case studies. The CDs are available by individual exam or as a set.

The CPSM® Instructor Kit is designed to make it easy and convenient for an instructor to create a review program that includes greater subject matter content than available in Train-the-Trainer Courseware. Note: Product content may only be used for delivery of face-to-face review courses and may not be used in online formats.

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