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Activity Calendar

April 2015

4/13-4/15 Baltimore, MD
Fundamentals of Purchasing
4/23-4/24 Pittsburgh, PA
Contracting: Ts & Cs
4/27-4/29 Chicago, IL
Fundamentals of Inventory Management
4/27-4/29 Denver, CO
Resisting Price Increases

May 2015

5/1-5/2 Phoenix, AZ
Integrating Project Management into Supply Management
5/1-5/2 Phoenix, AZ
Affiliate Leadership Training Program
5/2 Phoenix, AZ
How to Develop a Supplier Diversity Program
5/3-5/6 Phoenix, AZ
ISM2015 Annual Conference

June 2015

6/15-6/17 Las Vegas, NV
Legal Foundations
6/17-6/19 Atlanta, GA
Fundamentals of Purchasing
6/17-6/19 Atlanta, GA
Fundamentals of Purchasing
6/18-6/19 Boston, MA
Contracting: Beyond the Basics
6/24-6/26 Pittsburgh, PA
Administering Contracts

July 2015

7/8-7/10 Pittsburgh, PA
Power Negotiations
7/9-7/10 Nashville, TN
Capital Equipment Purchasing
7/13-7/14 Las Vegas, NV
Contracting: Ts & Cs
7/13-7/15 Denver, CO
Supplier Assessment
7/20-7/21 Atlanta, GA
Applying Strategic Sourcing
7/27-7/29 Boston, MA
Fundamentals of Purchasing

August 2015

8/3-8/4 Chicago, IL
Improving MRO
8/5-8/7 Chicago, IL
Negotiation Strategies
8/10-8/12 Nashville, TN
Best Practices in Procurement
8/24-8/26 Pittsburgh, PA
Category Management
8/26-8/28 Dallas, TX
Fundamentals of Purchasing

May 2016

5/16-5/18 Indianapolis, IN
ISM2016 Conference